• COMPONENT III: Criminal and Penitentiary Law - Euromed Fiches
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    The Euromed Fiches

    The tool developed by the European Judicial Network, the Fiches belges, represents a milestone in the framework of international judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

    This cooperation instrument is based on a thematic structure divided in 8 fields:
    1. Tracing and interception of (tele) communications;
    2. Agents and informers – Infiltration;                        
    3. Examination, body search and expert evaluation;
    4. Documents - Obtaining;
    5. Assets -Sequestration, confiscation and restitution; ­
    6. Places - Visit and search;
    7. Witnesses, victims, suspects - Summoning and hearing; and
    8. Cross-border operations.

    Across these various fields a series of questions was introduced that once duly answered, allow for a fast and simplified access to the regulation of each beneficiary country with regards to a given investigative measure. In order to have an equivalent content regarding the beneficiary countries of the Euromed Justice III Project, and with the kind cooperation of the EJN, information provided by the experts of the beneficiary countries participating in this activity was compiled and introduced in this document. Without the valuable support of these experts, it would not have been possible to develop the Euromed Fiches.

    Finally, it should be noted that these non-binding fiches have a mere informative value and have no legal value.